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© 2018 Alexander Reynolds

Talking About Process

I have been working on a variety of digital sketches using the photoshop pencil brush tool. I believe it is one of the default brushes in the creative cloud suite. It has been a beneficial tool allowing me to emulate the graphite drawings, and even to a certain degree, charcoal drawings as well. I like using it because in addition to being able to replicate the effects of traditional media.

While working on these drawings in photoshop, I can easily rearrange the composition so I can figure out where the elements flow the best on the digital canvas. Don't like where that figure is sitting? I can use the lasso tool to move it to the general location where I see fit. Should that leg be a little more foreshortened? No problem, I can use the perspective tool once I've selected the part of the digital drawing I wanted to change. In this process, I'm incredibly conscious of movement, composition and the layout of how everything fits on the canvas. Everything has to be in its place otherwise I won't be happy with it.

When I translate this to the final canvas in the literal sense, it becomes significantly easier to figure out where things are supposed to be, because most of those problems have been solved for me already.

I am by no stretch of the imagination taking anything away from a good old-fashioned set of pencils and a sketchbook because it can be incredibly hard to break out the computer and get everything set up. Sometimes you just need something more immediate.

I guess I'm trying to say when it comes to my own process concerning this drawing and others like it; for the time being pinpointing where the sketch starts to "work" is essential to me and a combination of photoshop and traditional media help me do that more efficiently.

Side Note:

I have been wanting to make to make prints of these so I can sell in my store. When I accumulate enough drawings that I can sort through I will make them available. Stay tuned.